Samsung exec hints Galaxy Fold launch in US 'will not be too late'

Mobile CEO DJ Koh reportedly says the company will decide "in a couple of days."

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We could be hearing about the new Galaxy Fold release date in a few days.

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Samsung will reportedly reveal its refreshed plan for the US launch of the troubled Galaxy Fold soon.

DJ Koh, Samsung's mobile CEO, told The Korea Herald that the electronics behemoth has looked into defects that caused review units of the foldable phone to experience screen breaks, flickering and bulges.

"We will reach a conclusion in a couple of days," he reportedly said of a new launch date.

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The $1,980 foldable phone's problems prompted Samsung to hit the brakes on the original April 26 release, possibly until mid-June. When the outlet asked Koh about the US launch happening within a month, he said it "will not be too late."

In an emailed statement, Samsung gave itself a little bit more wiggle room.

"We plan to announce the release date in the coming weeks," a company spokesperson wrote.

On Monday, the company emailed people who'd preordered the Fold to offer them the chance to cancel their orders before the devices ship. It warned that their orders would be canceled automatically if the company doesn't hear from customers and that the device won't ship by May 31.

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Updated at 7:06 a.m. PT: Adds Samsung statement.

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