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Samsung, LG to launch 1080p phones next year, report says

A Korean publication says both companies will launch phones with a higher pixel density than the iPhone 5's Retina Display.

The successor to current LG smartphones could have an even higher resolution display. Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are looking to step up their game when it comes to display quality for their smartphones.

Both Korean conglomerates are planning to added full 1080p high-resolution capabilities to their smartphone screens in the first half of next year, according to Korean news Web site MK News.

Both companies are expected to pack in more than 400 pixels per inch for future displays. That would be higher than the 326 pixels per inch in the iPhone 5's Retina Display. A full HD display is supposed to have 440 pixels per inch.

The report noted that LG had earlier shown off a 5-inch display with 440 ppi capabilities, and said that Samsung plans to order the 1080p resolution screens from its own display business. Samsung's highest resolution display is found in the Galaxy Nexus, which is at 316 ppi.

HTC recently unveiled the J Butterfly, which has a full 1080p display at 440 ppi.

CNET contacted both Samsung and LG for comment, and we'll update the story when they respond.