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Samsung launches Galaxy S III teaser, takes subtle shot at Apple

The video includes mention of the Galaxy and advises consumers against just following the crowd.

What will the Galaxy S II look like?
What will the Galaxy S II look like?
Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung is beating its Galaxy drum quite hard as it nears its new handset's launch day.

The company today launched a new teaser video -- the second related to its upcoming Unpacked 2012 event -- enticing people to acquire "truly smart technology" that can become a "natural part of life." The company doesn't show off the highly anticipated Galaxy S III, but takes viewers on a journey through space and finds a way to toss the Galaxy branding into the clip's text overlay.

One of the more notable additions to the video, however, is the end. Samsung says that with the right device, users will be able to "stand out from everyone else." As the latter part of that statement is displayed on-screen, Samsung shows an image of sheep. Although the company didn't mention Apple or its customers by name, detractors have long called the iPhone maker's faithful customers, "iSheep" for their ostensible willingness to follow Apple's lead and buy its products whenever they launch.

It's possible, of course, that the sheep had nothing to do with Apple. But considering that there is no love lost between Apple and Samsung and that both companies are trying to best the other in market share each quarter, it's hard not to see a link between the sheep and Apple.

Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy S III at its Unpacked 2012 event in London on May 3. Although it has been tight-lipped on the device's features so far, the latest rumors suggest it could come with a new design, a quad-core processor, and a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus display.

Here's the video: