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Samsung GT-i8700: Windows Phone 7 handset leaked

A new Samsung handset that runs Windows Phone 7 has been leaked, as the rumoured launch date for Microsoft's latest mobile operating system approaches.

A new Samsung handset that runs Windows Phone 7, the GT-i8700, has been leaked.

Gizmodo was sent photos of the GT-i8700 that clearly show it will run Windows Phone 7, offer around 8GB of storage, and pack a camera with an LED flash. It's a touchscreen device with sharp edges and a shiny finish on its front. Last month, Pocketnow posted pictures of a Windows Phone 7 device that could well be the same phone.

We may see the GT-i8700 soon after 11 October, which is rumoured to be the launch date for Microsoft's latest mobile operating system.

Samsung evidently isn't putting all of its smart-phone eggs in the Android basket, following its success with the Galaxy S. Besides working on Windows Phone 7 devices, it also recently revealed plans to launch a new Bada phone later in the year.

Microsoft has a great deal riding on Windows Phone 7, and will hope that manufacturers like Samsung and HTC release handsets that perform well both in terms of operation and sales.

The operating system looks promising. Last month, we saw the announcement of new games for the OS, as well as Xbox Live compatibility. Recently, a leaked screenshot also indicated that phones running the OS would have access to unlimited downloaded tunes for £9 a month, via a Zune Pass.

Windows Phone 7 faces stiff competition from rival operating systems, however. Research firm IDC apparently doesn't think Windows Phone 7 will make a major impact on the market. According to IDC, the market share of Microsoft's mobile operating systems will continue to be less than that of Apple's iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Symbian by 2014.

What do you think? Could Microsoft's mobile fortunes be improved by the release of a Windows Phone 7 handset with real wow factor? Could the GT-i8700 be the phone to do it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credit: Gizmodo