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Samsung: Galaxy Tab injunction 'flawed'

In a new court hearing in Australia, Samsung decries the "black mark" that led to a judge's ruling in a patent case launched by iPad maker Apple.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab.
Samsung's Galaxy Tab.
Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung Electronics today alleged that the interlocutory injunction awarded to Apple against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was incorrect and a leap of logic, all the while pushing for the case to be expedited in the courts.

In a case presented before Justice Lindsay Foster in the Federal Court of New South Wales today, Samsung contested the basis on which Justice Annabel Bennett gave her ruling two weeks ago.

Samsung complained on multiple grounds. In Bennett's ruling, she said that Samsung's "unwillingness" to move the case to an early final hearing stage counted against the Korean gadget maker.

"[Bennett] based her response on the basis that Samsung wouldn't accept an early final hearing, which tipped the balance against us," Samsung's legal counsel said in court today. "That is a flawed proposition. [What was proposed was] a preliminary hearing based on several prejudicial conditions ... including an injunction ... and no further evidence. That was used as a black mark that led fundamentally to the grant of interlocutory relief."

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