Samsung's Galaxy S9 may fix our biggest Galaxy S8 gripe

That is, if this render is right.

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Olixar rendered the Galaxy S9+ in one of its clear cases. Check out those dual cameras.


CNET's biggest problem with the  Galaxy S8  and S8 Plus was the placement of the fingerprint reader on the back of the phones, which forces right-handed folks to reach across the camera to unlock the phone.

With the rumored Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ phones, Samsung could reverse that, according to an early render from phone case maker Olixar, which was spotted through online retailer Mobile Fun.

The render for a clear case over the Galaxy S9+ shows a large window on the phone's rear, which is roomy enough for two vertical cameras and an oblong fingerprint reader below it. The S9+ in the image retains the Galaxy S8's tall, narrow screen without buttons, and with very slim bezels, and the button placement along the spines. 

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are rumored to be Samsung's follow up to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, though Samsung hasn't announced either device. 

Olixar's renders also suggest that the Galaxy S9+ may get two rear cameras, while the S9 may get only one. This is similar to how dual-cameras appeared on the iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus, but not the iPhone 8 and 7. After the Galaxy Note 8 was the first Samsung phone to get the dual-camera treatment, the feature may come to more Samsung phones.

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Case designs often appear before phone details become official, sometimes based on specs and rumor. Olixar's case is already listed for pre-order, despite the fact that this may not be the phone's final design. 

We don't know what Olixar is basing its renders on -- the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment -- but it's worth noting that the casemaker has "leaked" popular phone models in the past.

Mobile Fun posted a timeline for the Galaxy S9 launch in mid-February, with a sale date of Feb. 28. This timeline is close to the rumored MWC reveal that we've heard, but differs by a few days. Neither Mobile Fun nor Olixar sourced this information, so it's best to wait for official confirmation.

Samsung declined to comment on this story.

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