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Samsung's Galaxy S8 could look pretty in purple

Who wouldn't want a Galaxy S8 the same color as an eggplant?

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept phone design by Steel Drake
Samsung Galaxy S8
Steel Drake on Behance

We've heard that the Samsung Galaxy S8 may come in all sorts of colors, one of them being violet. Thanks to a leakster on Twitter we get a chance to see what this could look like.

The pictures show that violet is only used on the back of the phone, while the display's bezels could remain black. This stays true to another GS8 leak that shows the alleged phone in black, silver and gray, all with black bezels. The black bezels help give the illusion that the entire front of the phone is dedicated to the display while locked or turned off.

The same source also uploaded a video showing the purple phone in different lighting, which makes it look more like a lavender flower and less like an eggplant.

Samsung will need all the tools it can use for its Galaxy S8 to bounce back after the Note 7 disaster. An overhauled design is rumored to make the Galaxy S8 competitive, as well as the new Bixby assistant, confirmed by Samsung's head of R&D.

As I mentioned before, a bunch of alleged Galaxy S8 pictures have shown off colors like black, silver, gold and white. Whether or not these leaks are real, it makes us wonder if Samsung will launch the S8 with plenty of color options.

We are only a few days away from the Galaxy S8's grand reveal on March 29, so expect to hear more official information then. In the meantime, you might want to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

Samsung declined to comment.