Use the force, Samsung: Galaxy S8 could feature a pressure-sensitive screen

Samsung is mulling over whether to incorporate pressure-sensitive screen technology into its next line of phones, according to a Korean report.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen

Samsung's Galaxy S8 could borrow from Apple's playbook by introducing a pressure-sensitive technology, sometimes referred to as "force touch" or Apple's term "3D Touch," according to Korean news publication The Investor.

"Samsung is [looking] to adopt the force touch technology partially from the S8 but the full adoption will come in one or two years," anonymous sources told the site.


Apple pioneered 3D Touch in phones.

Patrick Holland/CNET

The technology uses a pressure-sensitive display to add an extra level of functionality to touch screens based off of how hard you press on it. Press and hold on an icon, for example, and a submenu could pop up to let you dive right into composing a text message or taking a selfie. Apple has been using the touchy feature since 2015 in products like the iPhone 6S, the original Apple Watch and several MacBooks.

It isn't clear what "partial" adoption is compared to "full adoption," but this isn't the first time we've heard such a plan. Last year, similar rumors tipped a pressure sensitive display for the Galaxy S7, which didn't wind up happening in the end.

The rumor is one of many coming out about the unannounced phone, joining others that suggest Samsung's forthcoming flagship phone will have two cameras and a dual-curved screen.

Samsung said it would not comment on rumors or speculation.