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Samsung Galaxy S6 could have fast wireless charging

Samsung talks up advances in wireless charging on the eve of announcing its next Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung will host its next Unpacked event in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S6 could boast faster-than-usual wireless charging when it debuts at next month's Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress.

Samsung has taken to its official global blog to highlight the advances made in wireless charging over the last few years. Among the most notable and recent changes, two of the three wireless charging standards bodies, the PMA and A4WP, agreed to merge.

As for the third wireless organization, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), well, it just so happens that Samsung is a card-carrying member there, too. In fact, Samsung has been investing in wireless charging for nearly 15 years.

As evidenced by the blog post, Samsung believes this is the year wireless charging really takes off. In other words, the wireless stars have aligned for the next Galaxy handset.

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Why all of the focus on wireless charging? Chances are good that the Galaxy S6 will be among the first devices to support all major standards. What's more, charging should also be quicker than that found using previous technologies.

It's not uncommon for a company to highlight features ahead of a product announcement. In addition to Samsung, we've also seen HTC and LG talk up components or details prior to a formal device launch. And, why not? It's a great way to tip your hand and generate interest for your product's introduction.

Samsung Mobile's Twitter account is also getting in on the action, hinting at a faster something. As to whether that means faster wireless charging, download speeds or overall performance is unclear.

Samsung declined to comment.

Samsung is expected to introduce its Galaxy S6 smartphone at an event on March 1. Stick with CNET as we offer up first-hand impressions and early reactions to all things Samsung.