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Samsung Galaxy S5 tipped to receive Android 5.0 in December

According to oft-accurate blog SamMobile, the Galaxy S5 could see its Lollipop update before the year ends.

The Galaxy S5 should be among the first Samsung devices to see Android 5.0. Screenshot taken by Juan Garzón/CNET

Samsung could soon deliver an Android 5.0 update to the Galaxy S5 , says SamMobile. According to a source close to the blog, the Lollipop build may be here sometime in December.

To be clear, this doesn't mean that all versions of the device will see Android 5.0 in the next two months. The probable scenario is that the unlocked, international model is first in line, followed by additional regions in the ensuing weeks.

It's also worth pointing out that wireless providers can sometimes delay the update process by a few weeks or months. But, should US Galaxy S5 owners see Lollipop in the first two months of 2015, that time frame is considerably better than previous Android releases.

Lest they risk losing market share, Samsung will want to ensure their key devices see timely software updates. While other hardware makers have already confirmed updates and rough dates for Android 5.0, Samsung has remained somewhat tight-lipped.