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Samsung Galaxy S4 waterproof version to splash down in weeks

Samsung is reportedly planning a water-proof and dust-proof version of the Galaxy S4 to make a splash in the next few weeks.

You've just dropped £600 on your new Samsung Galaxy S4 -- and you've just dropped it in your toilet. Gosh-blimey, you think, I wish that thing was waterproof.

Fortunately Samsung is way ahead of you, and is reportedly planning a waterproof and dust-proof version of the S4.

Speaking at a launch for the S4, Samsung said the tough phone would arrive in a matter of weeks.

Rugged rivals include the Sony Xperia Z and Motorola Defy, as well as specialist tough phones like the Sonim Land Rover S2 and JCB Toughphone Pro-Smart.

There was no rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but there was an S3 Mini. Sadly, despite the name, the S3 Mini wasn't a smaller version of the powerful phone, but a disappointing mid-range phone slapped with the S brand.

There's talk of an S4 Mini on the way -- let's hope it doesn't repeat the scam and deliver a lower-specced phone that could destroy our faith in the quality of the S name.

With the potential arrival of a waterproof S4 and a sawn-off S4 Mini, this could be the start of an S-flavoured dynasty. Hit play on our video to see the history of the S4, S3 and S2 in all their glory.

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Have you ever damaged your phone in daft fashion? Should all phones be waterproof? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.