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Samsung Galaxy S4 waterproof version to splash down in weeks

Samsung is reportedly planning a water-proof and dust-proof version of the Galaxy S4 to make a splash in the next few weeks.

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You've just dropped £600 on your new Samsung Galaxy S4 -- and you've just dropped it in your toilet. Gosh-blimey, you think, I wish that thing was waterproof.

Fortunately Samsung is way ahead of you, and is reportedly planning a waterproof and dust-proof version of the S4.

Speaking at a launch for the S4, Samsung said the tough phone would arrive in a matter of weeks.

Rugged rivals include the Sony Xperia Z and Motorola Defy, as well as specialist tough phones like the Sonim Land Rover S2 and JCB Toughphone Pro-Smart.

There was no rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but there was an S3 Mini. Sadly, despite the name, the S3 Mini wasn't a smaller version of the powerful phone, but a disappointing mid-range phone slapped with the S brand.

There's talk of an S4 Mini on the way -- let's hope it doesn't repeat the scam and deliver a lower-specced phone that could destroy our faith in the quality of the S name.

With the potential arrival of a waterproof S4 and a sawn-off S4 Mini, this could be the start of an S-flavoured dynasty. Hit play on our video to see the history of the S4, S3 and S2 in all their glory.

Watch this: Samsung Galaxy S phone evolution

The Samsung Galaxy S4 goes on sale tomorrow from all the major networks and phone shops -- check out our pick of the best deals here

Have you ever damaged your phone in daft fashion? Should all phones be waterproof? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.