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Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-order goes live, reveals UK prices

Expect to pay £41 per month for the S3, if you don't want to pay anything up front for the phone itself.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now up for pre-order in the UK, giving hopeful shoppers the chance to throw money Samsung's way ahead of the phone's official launch on 26 April.

Every major UK network is expected to sell the Galaxy S4, with Phones 4u's contract deals suggesting you'll be paying around £41 per month for the hotly anticipated phone, if you want to get it free up-front.

EE is currently the only network in the UK that can offer the Galaxy S4 on a 4G contract, but is asking a lot of cash for the privilege. EE's cheapest tariff costs £31 per month, as well as a wince-inducing one-off payment of £270.

That's a lot of cash to pay over the term of the contract (24 months), and it only nabs you 500MB of data.

Pay as you go prices are yet to be confirmed, but based on these monthly tariffs, I'd expect the Galaxy S4 to be up there with the iPhone 5 price-wise -- so about £500. Amazon currently has an S4 pre-order page set up, asking a frankly ludicrous £699 for a 16GB SIM-free model.

We'd been given hints that the Galaxy S4 would be an extremely pricey mobile, but the UK costs confirm that this is a top-of-the-line gadget, both in terms of hardware and price.

If your wallet is fainting just looking at these monthly deals, you might want to consider the Google Nexus 4, which is an stonkingly capable Android smart phone, and a bargain at just £239. It doesn't have 4G capability and some of the hardware isn't as impressive as the S4's, but at half the price it's worth pointing your peepers at.

Will you splash out for the Galaxy S4? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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