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Samsung Galaxy S4 out now: Everything you need to know

Thinking of buying Samsung's Galaxy S4? Read on for everything you need to know.

Samsung is clearing a warehouse to make room for all the money it's about to collect, as the Galaxy S4 is now officially on sale in the UK -- if you're lucky enough to find one, that is. Read on for everything you need to know about this quad-core monster.

We've given this top-notch super-phone the review treatment already, awarding it a stonking four and a half stars, and plonking a CNET Editors' Choice award down on its 5-inch face.

Our review will tell you whether or not you should buy the S4, and get you eyes-on with test shots taken with the phone's 13-megapixel camera. We also put its all-important battery life to the test, just for you, and push the quad-core processor to its limits to discover exactly how powerful Samsung's new toy really is.

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Not enough Samsung for you? Why not get nostalgic with our look back at the evolution of Samsung's Galaxy S smart phones, and find out why we were disappointed to learn that the much-anticipated S4 would be a quad-core device in the UK, not the octa-core device we were originally promised.

There's no doubt Samsung has crafted a lethally lovely gadget in the Galaxy S4, but the fight for smart phone domination isn't over yet. Before the end of the year Samsung will likely need to battle both a new iPhone and Google's next Nexus, which -- if it has the same bargain price as the Nexus 4 -- could be a serious contender.

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What do you think of the Galaxy S4? Are you going to buy one? Or would you rather trouser the HTC One, or an iPhone 5? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.