Samsung Galaxy S4 ad takes (yet) another shot at Apple

Samsung's latest ad for its new blower takes aim at Apple, proclaiming the iPhone fit only for old fogies. Again.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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Here we go again. Samsung has taken aim at Apple in another new advert, this one for the admittedly awesome Galaxy S4.

But still, does it really need to keep flinging mud at the opposition? Didn't it learn anything from Microsoft's latest advert for Windows Phone 8?

The place: a pool party after high school graduation. The concept: everyone's out having a good time, using their smart phones to stay in touch and take pictures. Except there are a few things the Galaxy S4 can do that the iPhone can't.

When one graduate belly flops into the pool in full cap and gown, someone captures every stage of the jump on their S4. When someone's eating ribs and their phone goes, they answer by waving their hand over the handset, instead of getting sauce all over the screen. (Of course this only works if your phone is on the table, and not in your pocket.) Photos are transferred between S4s by touching the handsets' backs (something ribbed pretty well in the Microsoft ad, I might add). And someone uses the S4 to control the TV.

"So some smart phones are smarter than other smart phones," one elderly iPhone-owner says, sounding like a mouthpiece for Samsung's marketing department. "What are we doing with these phones?"

Samsung is obviously keen to big up all its new software gubbins for the S4, but I think sticking to its 'iPhones are for old fogies' line is a bit of a mistake. Especially considering the huge sales the S3 and S2 enjoyed, I'm sure there's a fair share of more mature phone users owning a Samsung Galaxy. And what's so bad about using the same phone as someone older, anyway? Surely it's a good sign, if a handset is so simple to use it's not restricted to a coterie of hardcore fans.

I'm sure Samsung will carry on with the mudslinging. Do you think it should? Did Microsoft nail it with its advert? Let me know what you think in the comments, or on our Facebook page.