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Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz experience now on your S2

The Samsung Galaxy S3's improved TouchWiz experience is now available for the best phone of 2011.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is less than a week away -- but if you can't wait that long you can now get the S3 experience on the best phone of 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

An S3 fan is giving you a sneek peek at the S3's software, allowing you to try the new and improved version of TouchWiz on your current phone.

TouchWiz is the customised front end that Samsung adds to its Android phones. The S3 comes with a new app launcher, which clever xda-developer user Smando has ported to the S2.

You can choose from two different layouts of apps: 4x5 or 5x5. The port only works on Samsung-based ROMs.

To see what the fuss is about, press play to check out the S3's new and improved software and features:

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Earlier this week the Galaxy S3 ROM leaked, allowing you to try Samsung's voice-activated Siri rival S-Voice. Samsung has since blocked S-Voice, saying it was just a test version.

Record numbers of phone fans have already pre-ordered their S3, ahead of the launch on 30 May. The lucky few who ordered in advance from the Samsung shop in London can collect their pre-ordered S3 at 6pm on Tuesday. Selected retailers will hand you a pre-ordered S3 an hour later.

If you haven't got your order in yet and want to secure the best package for your money, let us help with our regularly updated Samsung Galaxy S3 price comparison guide. Not only will we steer you towards the very best S3 deals from all the networks, you'll find out how much you'll save in the long run by buying the phone outright.

Will you be giving TouchWiz a try? Are you trading your S2 for an S3? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.