Samsung Galaxy S3 news, ICS on the S2 and new iPad in video

Hear the latest news on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, an Android ICS update for the S2 and how well the iPad is selling in this video.

Andrew Williams
2 min read
Watch this: Samsung Galaxy S3 leaks and S2 update

If you want news on phones, George Alagiah is going to be no help to you at all -- you're much better off tuning into Natasha Lomas on CNET UK's Phone News for the latest mobile messages.

Whether it's free apps draining your Android phone's battery, updates on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, or the obligatory celebrity angle -- no news round-up would be complete without one -- Natasha's got it covered in this week's reel.

You've seen Nokia's Windows Phones -- but have you seen the user interface designs our favourite Finns were toying with instead of the simple squares of Microsoft's Metro user interface? Imagine a swarm of mating amoeba and you're getting close. Or better still, click on the video above and see for yourself. Thankfully, this bacterial oddity never broke out of Nokia's lab.

It's a cliché that the best things in life are free, but not in the case of Android apps -- at least when it comes to sapping the life out of weakling smart phone batteries. A US study revealed up to 75 per cent of the battery use of free Android apps is spent on ads and hidden tasks. And a prime culprit is the free version of the much-loved Angry Birds.

Sony's signed up a Hollywood director to market its new Xperia phones. The Japanese giant has gone all leftfield, choosing The Royal Tenenbaums auteur Wes Anderson to splice together a series of 60-second ads for the new range, floating on a soundtrack from ethereal Icelandic popsters Sigur Rós.

Meanwhile, we have the latest rumours surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy S3, as well as the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for the S2, if you can't wait for its follow-up to drop.

And lastly, it's not a phone, but how could we fail to mention the biggest tech launch of the last week? Watch the video to find out how many units Apple's much-hyped new iPad shifted in its first days of sale. Let us know what you think in the comments, or over on our Facebook page.