Samsung Galaxy S3 gets Note features in Premium Suite update

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has borrowed a fistful of features from the Galaxy Note in a new update named Premium Suite.

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Just when you thought the Samsung Galaxy S3 couldn't get any better, Samsung has only gone and upgraded it with a fistful of new features. Welcome to the Premium Suite.

The Premium Suite software update brings features from the oversized Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the S3. That includes the split-screen Multi Window feature that lets you see two apps side-by-side, although that's surely better suited to the Note's larger screen. Still, with its slab-like 4.8-inch display, the S3 isn't exactly diminutive.

The lock screen can be set to show you what your buddies are up to on Facebook, and you can tag your photos automatically with contextual tags, including the location and date the snap was taken, as well as the weather. There are some new menus too.

Another new feature is Page Buddy, which gives you a different home page for each accessory. Use a stylus, for example, and the app offers you a home page featuring the note-taking app. Plug in some headphones and you get a home page with a music player. Click play on the video below to see Page Buddy in action:

The arrival of the upgrade depends on your network, but fingers crossed it won't take as long as the recent Jelly Bean update. 

What do you think of the S3's new features? Is it missing anything? Tell me your premium thoughts in the comments or on our sweet Facebook page.