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Samsung Galaxy Note ICS update pushed back, adds new apps

Ice Cream Sandwich on the Samsung Galaxy Note has been pushed back, but will arrive with some new software to sugar the pill.

The Samsung Galaxy Note's update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich looks to have been pushed back a bit, with the company throwing in a bunch of software goodies to sugar the pill.

We originally expected the Note's Ice Cream Sandwich update to land before April, along with the Galaxy S2's update. But while the S2 is now in the process of being bumped up to Android 4.0, Samsung has pegged the Note's update as arriving in 'Q2', Engadget reports.

That could mean any moment between April and June. If you own a Galaxy Note, it seems you'll have to remain patient for a little while longer.

The update has been officially dubbed the 'Premium Suite', and includes some new apps for the Note's stylus -- er, sorry -- 'S Pen'. There's S Note for example, which I've already played with on the Galaxy Note 10.1, an app that lets you combine your doodles with things like web pages, images or maps.

My Story is another app that's part of the Premium Suite that lets you make digital cards for your friends (they'll be so pleased), and Video Everywhere, which means you can have a video floating in part of the screen while you use the rest of the Note's display real-estate to perform other tasks.

You get Angry Birds Space treats too. The fowl-flinging franchise is boldly going where no man has gone before, and Note owners get an exclusive Galaxy Note-themed level, and a package of 30 levels called 'Danger Zone' (ba-ba-ba-ba-bow) for free, if you activate that extra within three months.

Will these extras be worth waiting for? Or would you rather get Ice Cream Sandwich right now? Tell me in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.