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Samsung accused of not paying up for Note 7 fire damage

Some people whose property was damaged by the exploding phones are saying that Samsung is avoiding their demands to pay for repairs, according to the Guardian.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, RIP.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Several owners of the now-recalled Galaxy Note 7 are accusing Samsung of ignoring their demands that the company pay for property damage caused when their handsets exploded and started fires, according to the UK-based Guardian.

One customer, John Barwick of Illinois, said that fire damage in his bedroom totals over $9,000, but that Samsung repeatedly failed to return his calls, the Guardian reported Wednesday. Samsung's insurance company, Samsung Fire & Marine, then refused to pay for the full cost of the damage, Barwick told the newspaper.

Wesley Hartzog of South Carolina told the Guardian that his garage and many items inside it were destroyed when his phone exploded. Hartzog said he has been "disappointed" by the slow pace of the investigation and insurance claims.

After two separate recalls following reports of batteries overheating and sometimes starting fires, Samsung permanently ended production of the Note 7 earlier this month. The company has told all owners to power down their handsets and return them.

Samsung did not immediately return CNET's request for comment.