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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 UK price and release date announced

The Note 3 will be out in the UK on 25 September -- check out which networks will offer it and for how much here.

Last night at IFA, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3, the latest in its trailblazing range of mobile-cum-tablets. Like the look of it? Well you've not got long to wait, as it'll hit the UK on 25 September. That's shortly after the next iPhone is rumoured to touch down.

The networks have come out with some prices too, so let's see how much you'll have to cough up.

If you want 4G on your Note 3 for blazingly-fast browsing speeds, it'll cost you £150 on a £41 a month plan (for 24 months) from EE. That gives you unlimited calls to UK numbers, and 2GB of data a month. You can pre-order the device from EE from 5 September.

Orange is offering the Note 3 slightly cheaper. Shell out £120 on a £41 a month contract for 24 months, and the Note 3 will be yours. T-Mobile is charging slightly more: £140 on a £42 a month contract. Though you won't have 4G access with either, remember.

Three has confirmed it'll offer the Note 3, but wouldn't be drawn on price.

Pre-order the Note 3 from Phones4U, meanwhile, and you'll get a free case worth £40, and £100 off a Galaxy Gear smart watch.

The Note 3 totes a 5.7-inch screen, which is slightly bigger than the Note 2's. Yet the device manages to be thinner and lighter, at just 8.3mm and 168g. Inside, a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor powers things, alongside 3GB of RAM. And a 3,200mAh battery should keep it running for plenty of time before needing a recharge. Though we'll have to wait for a full review to know for sure.

Are you excited about the Galaxy Note 3? Is 5.7-inches too big for a blower? What's the optimum size for a mobile? Let me know in the comments, or on our perfectly proportioned Facebook page

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