Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo gives deja vu in leaked photo

The Galaxy Note 3 Neo looks to be busted wide open, with detailed pics, screenshots and benchmarks that show a phone almost identical to the Note 3.

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Nick Hide
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There is no spoon -- but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo seems to be a real thing. This photo, snapped by an anonymous tipster for the SamMobile fan blog, shows a very slightly smaller Note 3 side by side with the real thing. Deja vu, or a glitch in the Matrix?

Screenshots and benchmarks obtained by the leakster appear to back up previous rumours about the Neo's specs, including its highly unusual hexa-core processor.

Its six ARM A7 cores are clocked between 500MHz and 1.3GHz, and backed up a solid 2GB of RAM. A benchmark published by SamMobile pegs its performance at somewhere around 85 per cent of its big brother -- not bad at all, given the Note 3 is the most powerful phone we've ever seen.

The Neo is just a smidge smaller than the 5.7-inch Note 3, with a 5.55-inch screen that has a fairly blocky 1,280x720-pixel resolution. That's a 265 dot-per-inch pixel density -- much lower than the iPhone's retina display and the Note 3's 386dpi.

That faux-leather effect back returns, broken by an 8-megapixel camera. In fact, the Neo's chassis looks almost identical to the Note 3, which we thought was surprisingly tasteful in the flesh, and certainly an improvement on the Note 2's nasty shiny plastic.

SamMobile is confident in saying the Neo will be launched at MWC in February, and given the preponderance of leaks I wouldn't be at all surprised. Samsung tends to unveil a minor product at the big shows, and put on its own shindig for its flagship Galaxy S range.

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Image credit: SamMobile