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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 tipped for October, to fight iPhone 5

A follow-up to the Galaxy Note is rumoured to be running Android Jelly Bean, and have a flexible display.

A follow-up to the Galaxy Note is rumoured to be landing in October, to compete with Apple's new iPhone, reports from MK Business News suggest.

Industry sources allegedly disclosed details of the smart phone sequel, with the Galaxy Note 2 tipped to launch running Android Jelly Bean and touting an even larger screen.

Yes, you read that right -- the already-ludicrous 5.3-inch display is pegged for expansion, which means it'll double as a sledge when the winter comes, and a tray to carry the turkey on come Christmas Day.

That larger screen could use a new display tech too. The report makes mention of an 'unbreakable plane' (UBP) display, which is supposedly a precursor to the flexible display we're all dreaming of, and will make for a skinnier device overall.

Longer battery life and a more robust frame are among other purported new goodies, along with a quad-core processor.

The Galaxy Note has been a surprise hit, with Samsung recently boasting that it had shipped 7 million of the monolithic mobiles -- an increase of 2 million since the end of March.

Plenty of people are keen on massive phones, it seems. I've seen some people complaining about the design of the rounded Galaxy S3, but hardly any grumpiness regarding its palm-filling 4.8-inch display.

As for the Galaxy Note 2, it's best to take any speculative specs with a handful of salt. But I'd be flabbergasted if Samsung didn't release a follow-up to the Note -- after all, the company loves sequels, and it likes making lots and lots and lots of different phones.

Would you be interested in a Galaxy Note sequel? What's the largest screen size you'd consider pocketing? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.