Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in shops on Monday, still no price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hits Samsung's London shop on 1 October, but Samsung has yet to name a price.

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Richard Trenholm
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Make a note in your calendar: the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hits shops on 1 October, Samsung has officially confirmed.

You can be the first person in the country to get your hands on the Note 2 this very Monday, if you beat a path to the Samsung Store at Westfield, the enormoshopomall in Stratford in East London. You know -- where they had the Olympics. Remember the Olympics? They were great. Sigh.

Anyway, the Note 2 is also available on all the major phone networks from 1 October. It lands in other shops the following day, including Phones4U.

We love the Note 2's epic 5.5-inch display. Bigger than a phone and more portable than a tablet, it's perfect for browsing the web and watching videos, even if it's never going to fit in your skinny jeans. The powerful quad-core processor also impressed us, although we have some concerns about battery life -- not the original Note's strongest point.

We'll put the Note 2's relatively beefy 3,100mAh on-board battery through the usual barrage of battery-busting benchmark tests in our full review ahead of the launch date.

I wonder if the Samsung Store will ever see a queue as manic as the line for the iPhone 5. Probably not, I'm guessing.

Samsung wouldn't tell me the final price just yet, but various phone contracts are available that will net you a Note 2 for free if you commit to pay around forty quid each month, and don't mind letting out your jeans pockets to cart this behemoth about. The current Note is available online for about £350, so I expect the Note 2 to cost around £400, maybe even £450.

How much would you shell out for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Will you be first in the queue at the Samsung store? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.