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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 first video, also starring Wim Wenders

How best to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? In a teaser video starring legendary director Wim Wenders. Obviously.

The sequel to the Samsung Galaxy Note has made its first appearance in a tantalising teaser video. How best to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? In the hands of a legendary German film director, obvs.

The tantalising glimpse of the new Note comes in a teaser video starring, of all people, German auteur Wim Wenders, the director of Paris, Texas, Buena Vista Social Club, Wings of Desire, 3D documentary Pina and some U2 videos.

Click play on the video below as Wim wanders about Berlin, pausing only to whip out his Note and make, er, notes:

We don't see much of the Note 2 itself, except for the Note's signature S Pen stylus unsheathing for impromptu scribbling, highlighting the way the Note allows you to jot down your thoughts any time, anywhere.

The new Note is expected to have a slightly bigger 5.5-inch screen, although the overall size will probably stay the same.

The Note 2 makes its debut at the Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin on 29 August, kicking off annual tech trade show IFA. CNET will be there in monster-truck force, bringing you news, previews and videos of the Note 2 and all the other latest kit.

Samsung revealed the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 last week, an oversized version of the Note that's undergone an extensive overhaul since we first saw it at the start of the year. The Note 10.1 offers a new split-screen mode that shows you two apps side-by-side: handy if you want to, ahem, take notes.

The Note 10.1 will get the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, before the end of the year. Good news, certainly, but I can't help feeling like Samsung is losing the plot a bit. Before, the Note was in between Galaxy smart phones and Galaxy Tab tablets. Now, with the 10.1, the Note is the same size as the Tab.

Two near-identical products with different names is sure to confuse customers, and as much as Samsung's wide range of phones and tablets has made it the number one Android brand, it risks offering too much choice.

Are you looking forward to the Note 2? Are the Galaxy Notes different enough to their Galaxy Tab counterparts? Note your thoughts in the comments or on our noteworthy Facebook page.