Samsung Galaxy Glass eyes up Google Glass in September, report says

A new report suggests we could see Samsung Galaxy Glass smart glasses in September.

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Samsung has set its sights on Google Glass, with reports suggesting the Korean company is eyeing up its own Galaxy Glass smart glasses ready to be revealed in September.

Korea Times reports that Samsung plans to launch the pair of high-tech specs at technology trade show IFA, held every September in Berlin.

IFA has over the last three years become the traditional home of the Galaxy Note, each generation of which has been unveiled at the show. Last year the Note was joined by the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch.

Like the Gear, Galaxy Glass would talk to your smart phone and display alerts about messages or phone calls, only projected onto the lens of specially-made glasses rather than on the screen of a watch.

If it follows the pattern of Google Glass, Samsung's device could also allow you to listen to music, and take pictures with a built-in camera -- although I'd keep your head down in the cinema if I were you.  

Google was the first technology giant to produce a pair of smart glasses, although smaller manufacturers have been working on similar devices for years. Glass is still available only to selected technology luminaries and other elite blogger types, so it's far from a mass-market proposition. Google did take a step in that direction this week however with a version that supports prescription lenses.

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