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Samsung Galaxy Gear watch will surf the Web, make calls

The Samsung Gear smart watch is set to be the surprise guest at the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Note on 4 September.

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The Samsung Gear smart watch is set to be the surprise guest at the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Note on 4 September -- beating Apple's iWatch by a long way.

The hotly rumoured Galaxy Gear is expected to be a smart watch that runs Android and talks to your phone. Despite its small size, Bloomberg reports it will make phone calls, surf the Web and handle emails. 

If real, it will be Samsung's first foray into wrist-worn wearable technology since a round of buzz began around smart watches, kicked off by rumours Apple is readying an iWatch.

But with the iWatch not expected until next year, Samsung is expected to nip in early with the Gear on 4 September.

Invitations have been sent to press for an event on 4 September with the tagline 'Note the date', a far-from-subtle clue as to what we can expect. Yes, the Note 3 is certain to follow its predecessors and be unveiled at the annual technology trade show IFA in Berlin.

Whatever Samsung has in store in Berlin, we'll be there in force to bring you all the first news, previews and videos -- so keep it CNET for all the note-worthy new products from IFA.

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