Samsung demos foldable smartphones

Samsung has shown off a range of foldable phone prototypes to attendees of its recent Analyst Day.

Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
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Nic Healey

At its recent Analyst Day held in Korea, Samsung showed attendees a range of prototype folding smartphones.

The Galaxy Round may be the first step on the way to folding phones. (Credit: Samsung)

Reporters weren't allowed in, and analysts were banned from taking photos, so we don't have any images to show.

However, The Wall Street Journal has some first-person accounts from attendees that paint a fairly clear picture.

"The first one they showed us was the size of a [Galaxy] S3 smartphone, which can be folded in half from top to bottom," Daiwa Securities analyst Jae Lee told The Wall Street Journal.

Another device was the "the size of a lengthy wallet, which can be unfolded on both sides into the size of a tablet computer," Lee said, adding that both of the devices looked pretty good.

While the first sounds a little like a fancy clamshell phone, the second sounds like a really quite innovative blend of smartphone and tablet.

Samsung has said that it wants to formally unveil foldable phones by 2015, but the shift from glass screens to a bending plastic may take some time to arrive in retail. In the meantime, we have the curved Galaxy Round to tide us over.