Samsung bada smart phone OS: Bada up

Samsung has announced a new smart phone operating system called bada. Crazy name, crazy OS

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Samsung has announced bada, a new smart phone operating system. bada is Korean for 'ocean', which is all well and good but in English it still sounds like 'bad'. The tabs on the bada Web site read 'bada for business' and 'bada for developers'. Let's hope bada isn't bad for business or developers.

Samsung previously pasted its own TouchWiz (dear Lord, it's bad at naming things) user interface on top of other operating systems. bada will replace Symbian and Windows Mobile on new phones.

Samsung describes bada as "one of the most developer-friendly environments available". A software developer kit (SDK) will be launched in December for developers to begin working on bada apps for Samsung smart phones such as the H1, M1, Jet, Genio, Pixon and Tocco. Apps will most likely be available through the existing app store.

In the meantime, head over to Twitter for all the latest jokes on a possible deal with Microsoft's search engine.