Samsung announces Modus convertible headset, plus HM1000

Samsung announced two new headsets at the show, available in Q1.

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Samsung Modus 3500
Samsung Modus 3500 Nicole Lee/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Samsung released a couple of new Bluetooth headsets here at CTIA 2010, and they are the Samsung Modus 3500 mono-to-stereo headset, plus a simple mono headset called the Samsung HM1000. Both headsets will be available in Q1 of this year.

The Samsung Modus 3500 is Samsung's response to what it says is the popularity of the WEP870, which is one of the company's first mono headsets that could convert into a stereo headset with the addition of a lanyard.

The Modus 3500 is yet another mono-to-stereo convertible headset, but this time all you need to do is plug in a pair of included stereo earbuds into the headset's Micro-USB slot. Samsung also says there might be a 3.5mm headset adapter for it coming down the pike, but that's subject to change.

The Modus 3500 also boasts dual-mic noise canceling, multipoint, and an ear stabilizer loop. It's available in both black and white and will be priced around $59 to $69, depending on where you get it.

Samsung HM1000
Samsung HM1000 Samsung

The other headset Samsung announced at the show is the Samsung HM1000. The HM1000 is just a simple mono headset, with single-mic noise canceling that Samsung claims outdoes the more expensive noise-canceling headsets. It also features multipoint technology, which lets you connect up to two devices at once.

The HM1000 will be available for $39, which is quite cheap for a supposed quality headset.

Samsung also gave us some insight into five upcoming headsets for the second quarter of this year, and we'll let you know about those soon as well.