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Same look, updated specs for Philips LCDs

Same look, updated specs for Philips LCDs

Philips's new monitors won't officially be released until Monday, but I got a sneak peek at two new "professional class" LCDs: the 19-inch 190P6 and the 20-inch 200W6. Both new models are meant for business use (but are more than adequate for home use, too) and have built-in 2-watt speakers and USB 2.0 ports.

We reviewed the 190P6's predecessor, the Philips 190P5, and were impressed with its performance. With slightly improved specs, including a pixel response time that's improved from 16ms to 8ms, we're betting the 190P6 will live up to the high standard set by the previous model. In addition, Philips has added a sensor to the 190P6 that reads lighting conditions and adjusts screen brightness accordingly.

We're excited to see that Philips has joined other manufacturers, such as HP, in going wide-screen with their 20-inch monitors. They're more affordable than the 23- and 24-inch counterparts but still offer a good amount of screen real estate. The 200W6's response time is 16ms, a little slow in today's market, where most manufacturers strive for an 8ms response time, but still acceptable for a larger LCD.

Philips also added a no-dead-pixel policy they call PerfectPanel. They guarantee repair or replacement of any LCD monitor that displays even a single pixel defect. And, unlike many manufacturers, Philips promised me they include a digital cable with their monitors.

The MSRP for the 190P6 is $559.99, and the 200W6 costs $699.99.