Sagem my401X: Slim is in

The my401X is a slim, mid-range phone that won't break the bank. If you're looking for a simple phone just to make calls that doesn't spoil the line of your suit, this could be it

Andrew Lim

We know you want it all: Armani, Versace, Paul Smith. You want that expert cut, the little details, but you don't want the Jermyn Street prices. It's the same for your mobile phone.

So step away from the fancy labels and check out a new designer that's doing an elegant knock-off of the Motorola Slvr L6 -- with similar useful features and an even better interface.

Sagem's my401X is an upgraded version of the my301x and will cost under £80. For this entirely unscary price, you get a decent-sized colour screen with 65k colours, Bluetooth, infrared, speakerphone, a camera (VGA only) and a WAP browser. These all roll up into a perfectly respectable handset that weighs a mere 85g and is about as thick as an elegant silver cigarette case.

It won't inspire you to jump around like Jose Mourinho, or take up professional photography, but it will fit in your pocket and it is easy to use. Sadly, it only has 3.2MB of internal memory, but if you stand with your back to the wall, shoot your cuffs and leer, nobody will notice -- and you'll look damn stylish to boot. Expect a full review soon. -AL