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Sagem Cosyphone: Swipe a card to make a call

Using near-field-communication technology, the Cosyphone enables old folk to swipe it over a card to call people, rather than slogging through the menu system

Mobile World Congress isn't just about appealing to youngsters and other folk who enjoy snapping whippers. There's plenty there for the more distinguished among us too, and a fine example is provided in the form of Sagem's patronisingly named Cosyphone.

The Cosyphone is aimed at people over the age of 50, and seeks to serve them up a refreshing slice of simplicity pie. With large, raised, separated buttons that vibrate when you press them, it should be easy for even the most technophobic of oldies to poke out the desired number correctly.

The large screen and legible fonts will reduce the need to peer perplexedly at the display through a pair of bifocals for ages and ages and ages. Sagem says the Cosyphone is also easy to charge, as you just slide it on to a dock, rather than having to plug in a cable.

The phone's most interesting feature, however, is that it uses contactless near-field-communication technology to remove the need to navigate through the menu system. A set of cards can be customised with the details of key people, and then you can just swipe the Cosyphone over a particular card to call or text the relevant person. You can also use the cards to launch the browser and view weather or traffic information, for example. All the cards can be customised from within an application on the phone, so there's no need to have a PC

UK pricing and availability have yet to be announced. 

What do you think? Is the Cosyphone a good idea? Do you resent this kind of product being aimed at you at the tender age of 50? Let us know in the comments section below.