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Rumor: Android 2.2 comes to Droid in July, Droid X in August

The Motorola Droid looks set for a Froyo upgrade late next month, with the Droid X following close behind.

Froyo timeline
Froyo timeline

According to a leaked Verizon memo, the Droid appears poised to see Android 2.2 sometime next month. This would be Motorola's first handset to see the update, even ahead of the just-announced Droid X.

The image, obtained by DroidForums also goes on to pinpoint a timeframe for the Droid X. If true, look for the update to drop four to six weeks after the July 15 debut of the device. As you might recall, during the Droid X event on Wednesday, Motorola said the update would be released during the "last part of summer" so this would fit into that timeframe.

It's not surprising that the Droid would get the Froyo update first, given that it's a stock Android experience and Motorola has had more time to work with the platform and test the device. The Droid X has a slightly different version of Android 2.1 with a modified, more transparent version of Motoblur.

Speaking of which, does anyone think the Droid will see 2.2 before Motorola rolls 2.1 out to its other products?