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Revamped HTC Advantage announced; hints at new Windows Mobile

HTC releases an enhanced version of the HTC Advantage at GSMA (3GSM) 2008.

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Bonnie Cha
HTC Advantage (X7510)
HTC Advantage (X7510) HTC

HTC just made its smartphone/mobile computer/Frankenstein device, the HTC Advantage, even more powerful with an update that brings more memory, new software, and an improved keyboard.

Introduced at GSMA, the HTC Advantage (X7510) now includes the TouchFlo software (a la HTC Touch) for easier scrolling of e-mails and Web pages. Plus, it will boast a new Today screen, based on a new version of the Windows Mobile operating system, with one-touch access to messages, calendar, and contacts.

While the interface enhancements sound great, we're more excited at the mention of the new operating system. The Advantage X7510 is scheduled to debut in select European markets sometime in March, so it seems we can look for Windows Mobile 7 around that time frame. w00t! Other improvements over the first HTC Athena include increased storage capacity to 16GB, a new keyboard that has haptic feedback, Opera Mobile 9, and Google Maps for Mobile preinstalled on the device.