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Republic Wireless adds short-code messaging

The carrier has finally made it possible for users to receive texts from airlines, coupon providers, Starbucks and other businesses and services.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless now supports short-code text messaging.

About a year ago, the low-cost phone carrier scored a big "get" in the form of Motorola's Moto X, which could be operated for as little as $5 per month.

Just one problem: Although you could send and receive text messages to and from other phones, Republic's Wi-Fi-oriented infrastructure didn't allow for short-code messages.

That meant you couldn't enter contests or make donations from your phone. You couldn't receive boarding passes from your airline or coffee discounts from Starbucks. It's not the kind of thing you normally think about when shopping for a cellular carrier, but life without short-code messaging can range from annoying to problematic. (Two-step verification, anyone? Yep, that requires short-code support.)

Thankfully, as of last Friday, those messages come and go no differently than the ones you send to friends and family. According to a Republic rep, users don't need to make any changes or install any updates, though she did recommend upgrading to the latest version of the preloaded Republic Wireless app.