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Report: Cisco, EMC, VMware to announce venture

The three companies plan to announce a joint venture on Wednesday to sell virtualized data center products and services, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Cisco Systems, EMC, and VMware are expected to announce this week a new joint venture to sell data center products and services using virtualization technology, according to report in the Wall Street Journal.

The new products called "V-Block" combine EMC's storage equipment with Cisco's new virtualized services and networking equipment along with VMware's virtualization technology.

In September, The Wall Street Journal reported that Cisco and EMC were in talks to form a new services venture code-named Alpine. V-Block may be this same service.

The products will either be sold as an end-to-end solution that companies can install in their own data centers, or customers will have the option of subscribing to a virtualized service, according to reports.

Cisco has been reselling EMC storage gear for years. It also owns a stake in virtualization software company VMware, which operates as a unit of EMC. So it makes sense that the companies would team up on a new services venture.

Earlier this year, Cisco announced a new data center architecture it calls Unified Computing, which includes new virtualized servers. It also includes coordinated support and software integration from partners such as Intel, Microsoft, EMC, and VMware.

Cisco sees the data center market as a multibillion-dollar opportunity. The company anticipates a greater need for storage and high-speed networking within data centers as more services and content come online. Cisco's corporate customers have also begun to virtualize their data centers to make those operations more efficient.

The joint venture will have its own CEO, according to the Journal.

Representatives from Cisco, EMC, and VMware have declined to comment.

The new joint venture is expected to be announced Wednesday before Cisco releases its fiscal first-quarter results.