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Reflex Dock Pro outputs video, too

If you're looking for an iPhone or iPod dock that doubles as a video output interface, look no further than the stylish (but pricey) Reflex Dock Pro.

The Reflex Dock Pro offers desktop docking, charging, and video out.
The Reflex Dock Pro offers desktop docking, charging, and video out. Konnet

I come from the PalmPilot school of gadgetry, which means I like my PDAs, MP3 players, and phones to sit upright, proudly, in a dock when they're pulling desk duty. Otherwise they're just flopping around, along with their sync cables.

Alas, Apple doesn't bundle docks with iPhones and iPods, so it's up to third-party vendors to fill the void.

The Konnet Reflex Dock Pro fills it nicely, if a little expensively. This stylish, lightweight plastic stand is compatible with nearly all models, from the iPhone 4 on down to the iPod Classic. And it does more than just charge your device while giving it a place to roost: it also offers video out.

Specifically, it comes with a composite-video cable you can connect to your TV, projector, or even a minivan that has video inputs for its built-in screens. However, keep in mind that the best resolution an iPhone or iPod can muster over a composite connection is 480i (a far cry from HD).

Still, the capability is there for those who want it. And given that Apple charges $49 for its Composite AV Cable (which, admittedly, also comes with a USB power adapter), you get a little extra value by getting a dock out of the deal.

Konnet also touts the dock's "Sound Reflection" capabilities, which simply means the dock is curved to better direct audio from the iPhone's speaker (and to its microphone). Meh.

The Reflex Dock Pro sells for $49.99 at Amazon. My demo unit worked as advertised. My only complaint is that it wouldn't sync or charge my iPad, even though the tablet managed to fit on the dock just fine. That would have been a nice perk in an otherwise fine--if not exactly exemplary--iPhone/iPod dock.