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Razer unveils Pikachu wireless earbuds with Pokeball charging case

Catch these headphones later this month.

The Pokeball charging case really brings these Pikachu earbuds home.

Heads up, Pokemon fans. Razer is launching Pikachu wireless earbuds, complete with a Pokeball charging case. 

The yellow headphones have an outline of Pikachu on the back, and the charging case features a front button that lights up to show battery level and a wrist strap for carrying. Engadget notes the earbuds are essentially the Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds, just stylized (and cuter). A single charge will give you about three hours of life, and the case can recharge the earbuds about five times. 

Unfortunately, the Pikachu earbuds will only be available in China. They'll sell for around $120 starting April 16. 

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