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Razer Junglecat iPhone case slides out game controls

Razer throws its hat in the iOS MFi game controller ring with a case that doubles as a slide-out gamepad, minus analog sticks.


Game controllers designed for Apple iOS devices have been around for half a year, and they're still far from perfect. There are two different design types, they're often expensive, and finding games that work on them still isn't easy.

But Razer, one of the most prominent makers of PC gaming accessories, hasn't let that stop it from making the Junglecat -- a new iPhone game controller announced today.

The Junglecat has a similar set of buttons as the Logitech Powershell that came out last year: d-pad, ABXY buttons and bumpers, but oddly no dual analog sticks or extra trigger buttons like iOS MFi gamepads from Moga and SteelSeries .

At $100, £80, or AU$140, the Junglecat isn't cheap, either. But the case design is clever: like an old-school PSP Go, the slider case houses an iPhone 5 or 5s and tucks the game controls underneath when not in use.

The Junglecat also has its own companion app that allows extra customization of game controls and even pressure sensitivity of buttons, along with up 20 separate user profiles. It doesn't, however, have a battery pack to top off the iPhone's charge like Logitech's PowerShell or Moga's Ace Power .

Available in July, this particular iPhone gaming case has the right design, but could be too much of an acquired taste.