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RadioShack's no contract smartphone plan starts at $50, report says

Rumors of RadioShack's no contract wireless service set to launch next month are emboldened by a price-plan leak, Engadget reports.


Leaked price plans for RadioShack's rumored foray into no contract wireless plans show smartphone plans starting at $50 for 3G service, Engaget posted today.

The gadget-focused blog posted rumors last weekthat RadioShack was getting into the no contract business with Cricket providing the service.

Cricket offers similar no-contract service at other retailers, but according to the previously leaked memo, RadioShack's service will offer "an exclusive 8GB SD memory card with all Muve Music phones."

Today's leak highlights several price plans. Smartphone plans come with unlimited voice, messaging, and the Muve Music downloads. $50 a month buys one gigabyte of 3G data. $60 buys 2.5 gigabytes of data and a slew of other features.

Feature phones would have unlimited messaging with $25 a month buying 300 minutes, and $35 buying 1,000 minutes.

We've reached out to RadioShack to see if these prices are accurate and will update if we hear back. The company didn't respond previously to rumors of the phone service launching on September 5.