Quick guide to the Samsung Galaxy S series

Is it a phone or is it a family of phones? It's a little confusing but CNET's here to give you a overview of the Samsung Galaxy S series of Android devices.

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By now, there's a good chance you've seen TV commercials for the Samsung Galaxy S like the one above, but unless you're a cell phone fanatic or follow tech news, the ad can be a little ambiguous. Is the Galaxy S one phone or a group of phones? Are all the carriers getting the same model and when will they be released?

Here's what you need to know. The Galaxy S was first introduced as a single model--the i9000, to be exact--at CTIA 2010 and later shipped to more than 100 wireless providers worldwide.

With the U.S. launch, however, the Samsung Galaxy S no longer represents one device but rather an entire series of Android phones for the company. All four major carriers, as well as a couple of regional providers, will get a Galaxy S device. They all have the same core features--1GHz Hummingbird processor, Super AMOLED touch screen, Android 2.1--but differ slightly in design, content, and name. The Galaxy S models include:

Samsung Captivate for AT&T
Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile
Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint
Samsung Fascinate for Verizon

Both the Captivate and Vibrant are available now, and we have full reviews up, so be sure to check those out. Meanwhile, the Epic 4G and Fascinate are due to ship later this summer, though Sprint and Verizon have not released a specific launch date or pricing yet. In addition, U.S. Cellular and Cellular South will ship their own versions in the fall. One final note, Samsung said the entire Galaxy S portfolio will be updated to Android 2.2.

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