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Quick-charge your phone on the go with Aukey's $23 power bank

Originally $43, this might be a nice gift for Mom -- or yourself.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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This slim power bank can charge two devices simultaneously, one of them using Quick Charge 3.0.


Modern phone chargers come in all shapes, sizes and capacities, so we can afford to be a little picky about the ones we choose.

Today, for example, Aukey is offering the PB-T18 10,000mAh portable power bank with Quick Charge 3.0 for $23 shipped. That's after applying promo code FORMOM18 at checkout. It was $43 back in January and sold for $36 as recently as three weeks ago.

Granted, this is hardly an earth-shattering deal. I've shared 20,000-mAh chargers for as low as $20. But the Aukey has a couple key points in its favor, so it's worth a look.

First, it has two USB charging ports: One supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology and one delivers up to 2.4 amps of "adaptive" power, so it can detect what kind of device is connected and powers it accordingly.

That QC 3.0 thing is a big deal if you have a phone that supports it, because the power bank will recharge it considerably faster (up to four times faster, according to Aukey) than if you plugged it into a standard USB port.

Second, Aukey backs the charger with a 24-month warranty. I've used a handful of Aukey products over the years and have always found them to be reliable -- but a warranty like that on a mobile charger is both unusual and impressive.

The PB-T18 has the same basic dimensions as an iPhone X , though as you'd expect, it's a bit thicker (0.55 inch) and heavier (8.1 ounces). Still, that's mighty compact for a 10,000-mAh power bank.

This appears to be a new addition to Aukey's lineup, as there are currently only five customer reviews. They're overwhelmingly positive and all legit, according to Fakespot and ReviewMeta.

So, yeah, there are lots of other power banks out there, many within the same ballpark, pricewise. But I like the Aukey's QC 3.0 support and 24-month warranty -- and I'll take $23 over $36 any day.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Rerun! A phone or tablet stand can really come in handy, whether you're reading at the breakfast table or watching a movie on the airplane tray-table. 

Here's a ridiculously good deal on one: This Ugreen folding adjustable phone stand is $4.96 (pink only this time -- for Mother's Day !) when you apply promo code 8LY54NFA at checkout. Shipping is free for Prime subscribers. 


Five bucks for a pink folding phone/tablet stand. Not too shabby!


The stand can accommodate pretty much any phone in portrait or landscape orientation, and it should also work with smaller tablets such as the Amazon Fire 7 , iPad Mini or Kindle. You can adjust the angle to your liking and fold it nearly flat for easy transport and storage.

Five bucks out the door. What's not to like?

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