Quarter of iPhones have a broken screen, says new poll

As many as a quarter of iPhone owners are walking around with a broken screen, according to new insurance figures.

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As many as a quarter of iPhone owners are walking around with a broken screen, according to new figures.

iPhone owners were asked whether their blower's display is currently broken, smashed or cracked in any way, to which 23 per cent yes. The average length of time people have been putting up with their damaged display is six months.

Most people hadn't got round to fixing it, with roughly equal numbers saying they weren't insured, couldn't afford to fix it, or were happy to live with the damage.

31 per cent of those with a broken screen said they'd probably never bother to fix it.

The numbers come from mobile phone insurance website MobileInsurance.co.uk, which obviously has a vested interest in reminding us of the fragility of our valuables. But the survey polled a respectable 2,471 iPhone owners -- and I've certainly broken more than one iPhone screen, and I'm not alone in that in our office.

It's usually worth insuring your phone, especially if you've paid more than a few hundred quid for it or are particularly clumsy. Other gadget insurers include Protect Your Bubble and some bank accounts -- check out MoneySavingExpert for more valuable advce.

It's also worth registering your phone and other valuables with Immobilise, the national property register used by police forces throughout the country. Once registered you can report your phone or other valuables lost or stolen with a single click, allowing police forces to instantly check recovered swag against the database and potentially return your swiped phone to your its rightful place in your pocket.

Do you have a broken screen? What's the daftest damage you've ever done to your phone or any other gadget? And what's the toughest gadget you've ever owned? Break it down in the comments or on our pristine Facebook page.