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Puma Phone review: Sporty and solar-powered

We'd change a few things about the Puma Phone, but it delivers a fun user experience that no phone can match. Check out CNET's review for more.

Josh Miller/CNET

When a phone can grab attention at the hand-set frenzy that it is Mobile World Congress, you know it must be pretty special. And last year, at least, that's what's happened with the Puma Phone. Though it competed with flashy Andorid smartphones from HTC Samsung and Sony Ericsson, most everyone we talked to managed to find time to get a peek at the handset.

So what's so special you ask? For starters, it has an appealing design that shows a bit of style (if you love the color red, you'll adore the Puma Phone). It also offers a solar panel for powering the battery, a collection of quirky sports-themed apps, and an animated Cougar named Dylan. Yes, we're serious. You may call the Puma Phone gimmicky, but we think it succeeds since it pretends to be nothing else than what it really is. From the start, Puma has sold the device as a fun gadget that offers a unique and staisfying user experience. And when you evaluate the hand set on those claims alone, the Puma Phone performs well. We'd change a few things, sure, but this is a hand set you just want to like.

For the full story, read our Puma Phone review.