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PSINet to acquire Taiwanese ISP

The Internet access provider says it will buy a Taiwan-based ISP in a bid to strengthen its position in Asian markets.

Internet access provider PSINet today said it will buy a Taiwan-based Internet service provider in a bid to strengthen its position in Asian markets.

The acquisition of privately held JoinNet marks PSINet's first entry into Taiwan and is an indication of the company's drive to establish itself in the top 20 telecom markets, the company said.

JoinNet serves both businesses and consumers with Internet connectivity, Web hosting and email services in Taiwan. Once integrated within PSINet's global operations, JoinNet customers will have access to PSINet's dial-up and dedicated connectivity services.

Just last week, PSINet announced plans to invest $50 million in Latin America over the next three years to expand its network infrastructure.

Headquartered in Herndon, Va., PSINet is an Internet access provider offering global e-commerce infrastructure and a suite of retail and wholesale Internet services through PSINet subsidiaries.