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Prizefight: Motorola Devour vs. Motorola Cliq XT

Motorola is rolling out the Google Android phones fast and furious. How do two of the latest, Verizon's Devour and T-Mobile's Cliq XT, rate against each other? Read CNET's Prizefight to find out.

Motorola has promised a deluge of smartphones in 2010, and so far the company is on track to complete that goal. Within days of each other, Moto introduced the Devour for Verizon Wireless and the Cliq XT for T-Mobile. Both smartphones run Google's Android operating system and both are related to previous models. The Cliq XT, of course, is a successor to the Moto Cliq. It lacks a physical keyboard, but it offers Swype technology, and it runs MotoBlur. The Devour, on the other hand, is a little brother of the Motorola Droid. It's smaller and has fewer features, but it also has a slider design with a QWERTY keyboard.

So which smartphone is superior? Will the Cliq's unique technology carry it to victory, or can the Devour rely on its practical design to win the match? Read our Motorola Devour vs. Motorola Cliq XT Prizefight find out.