Preview Email Without Opening

Here's another useful tip for all Pre users to keep in mind to quickly preview emails without opening.

Matthew Lutker
GESTURES ROCK!!! Matthew Lutker
When your on the go and you hit the tail end of a streetlight you don't have much time to check that email you just received. Well for the important emails this can be a hassle, not any longer. You can easily preview the beginning of the message without opening the email! This is great for me since in most emails I receive the important stuff is at the beginning of the message. To achieve this "gesture" go to one of your email accounts and than select a message, on that message position two fingers in the middle of the message and do an outward pinch as if you were zooming in across that message. You will notice a drop down bar with a per say zoomed in version of the inners of the message. I will warn all users that this will take some time to get used to and works good for most uses. In the future I feel that there will be a way to change the sensitivity so you don't have to move so far on the pinch to get so little on the email. Hopefully this will help some users and here's a screenie from my Pre showing you a description of what this looks like.
GESTURES ROCK!!! Matthew Lutker