Preserve your kids' artwork with Art My Kid Made

This iOS app (coming soon for Android) stores photos of your little one's masterpieces and automatically syncs them with Facebook, Evernote, or Twitter.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Like any parent, I prize the Picasso-caliber works of art my kids create at school and around the house.

Alas, I don't own a warehouse, so I simply don't have room to store all these masterpieces. What am I supposed to do, throw them in the trash? The guilt! The guilt!

Now there's an app for that: Art My Kid Made. (It's available now for iOS and soon for Android.) With it you can take photos of various crafts and drawings to preserve for posterity, and share them via Evernote, Facebook, or Twitter.

The app is like Instagram with a refrigerator-magnet twist. After registering in-app, you can add photos or snap new ones. For any given shot, Art My Kid Made lets you make all kinds of adjustments: orientation, brightness, saturation, and so on. You can rotate and crop your shots, add text or line drawings, and apply various Instagram-style filters.

When you're done, you'll have a choice of where you want to share the image: any or all of the aforementioned services, as well as Art My Kid Made itself, which displays in-app drawings from other kids (much like Instagram "favorites").

Obviously you could always just snap a photo of a finger-painting project or whatever and keep it in your Camera Roll, but this app gives you useful editing tools and simple sharing options. The support for Evernote is particularly welcome, as it affords more of a permanent home for all that artwork.

Speaking of handy apps for parents, and preserving things for posterity, be sure to check out Posterity, a cool app for remembering all the funny things your kids say.

Art My Kid Made, meanwhile, preserves all the cool things your kids make -- in two dimensions, anyway. At the very least it should alleviate some guilt when the time comes to finally toss those piles of pictures.