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Predictions and prophecies for today's Apple music event

New iPhone software, the continued life of the iPod classic and iTunes 9. These are just some of the things we've been discussing ahead of Apple's event tonight, and we want to know what you're expecting

It's buy-stuff-you-bought-once-before day today -- the remasters of The Beatles' entire career have been released, and Sega's classic Sonic & Knuckles retrogasm of a game was added to Xbox Arcade. But there's also an Apple keynote, and that means we're rummaging around in our drawers for the old crystal balls and hoping a few juicy prophecies spring forth.

So here's a bunch. It's an iPod-themed day, much like last year's September event, and rumour has it there'll be a new iPod touch with a built-in camera. On most MP3 players this would be an unusual addition, but it makes sense on the touch because of the apps available for it. There's a chance we could see a 64GB model too, perhaps with a faster processor like the iPhone 3GS.

We don't expect the iPod nano will change much, but a new 32GB model is possible. More readily on our mind is the iPod classic, which was cut down to just a single 120GB model last year. Some people believe the classic could be axed entirely, but we'd be enormously disappointed if it was. Apple needs to have a product that keeps media hoarders in its world, and as media hoarders inside Apple's ecosystem, we need the iPod classic.

On the software side of things there are two probable releases: iTunes 9 with better app-management functionality for iPhone and iPod touch, and iPhone OS 3.1, which we already know is out in beta.

The Beatles on iTunes? Goodness knows. Our US colleague Greg Sandoval wrote on CNET UK's sister site CNET News that no deal has been struck between Apple and the many companies in control of The Beatles' music. But the timing of the release of the group's remastered albums and their Rock Band video game on the same day as Apple's own music-focused event is certainly a head-scratcher. And it's no secret Steve Jobs is a huge Beatles fan.

So we put the question to you: what do you want to see tonight, and what are you expecting? Let us know in the comments, and don't miss our live coverage from the event, starting at 5:30pm on our live blog.