Pre, Meet Ford

The ultimate test for the Palm Pre... a trip to Ford's 2010 Model Year Drive Event where it will meet all the new Fords...

Erica Mueller
Ford Motor Company

On Tuesday I'll be attending the Ford 2010 Model Year Drive Event in Dearborn, MI. I'll be counting on my Palm Pre to not only keep me connected to my family and clients, but also to help capture the event and share it in real time, via Whrrl.

That means I'll be counting on the Pre's battery to last from 12 noon till at least 5pm under some pretty heavy use. Of course I'll be using it throughout the day as well.

Other things I plan to put the test are airplane mode (Dallas to Detroit flight could last a while!) and wi-fi, not to mention, the camera!!!

I look forward to this test and sharing the results with you all!

PS. Anything you want pictures of? The new Taurus or Mustang perhaps? Taking special requests... :-)